Our four core values


We are a natural company in balance with our environment

We only source fish from Icelandic sustainable fisheries and farms and never sell products of endangered or protected species. We therefore offer a range of fish and seafood that is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and can guarantee sustainability of fisheries and the traceability of stock. We constantly ask rigorous, challenging questions – how can a catch be maximised with as few vessels as possible? How can less energy be used during the supply and production process? How can our businesses reduce their carbon footprints? How can we increase recycling and reduce waste?

We are a nation of fishermen – a part of a natural, balanced ecosystem. We therefore express the Icelandic brand in a natural way that connects us to the ocean, the elements and our natural habitat.


As a nation of fishermen we have stories to tell

Iceland is an authentic nation of fishermen and from time immemorial we have harvested from its fruitful fishing stocks. Our fishing tradition is a source of national pride and every Icelander is connected to this way of life. Icelandic has fished the oceans of not only Iceland, but the entire world for over eight decades.

We have taken on the elements to harvest a rich, nutritious food source ensuring the prosperity and health of our customers. From sustaining the efforts of the allied forces with fish during World War II, to exploring new unchartered waters, our fishermen persist in the legacy of their forefathers.In today’s fishing industry methods have changed and technology has developed, but in our commitment to sustainability the same integrity is more essential than ever. 

Our integrity is now directed at facilitating efficient, profitable fishing methods that care for the environment, while providing our customers with Icelandic fish and seafood of the the highest quality.


Robust and reliable – we live up to icelandic principles

From the days of the first Icelandic settlers colonising the weatherbeaten landscape, Icelanders have been known as hardworking, reliable and robust. In our 75 years of business, Icelandic has never shied away from the challenges of our industry. From the harsh reality of fishing the world’s oceans to cracking new markets, our people have always lived up to Icelandic principles.

We do business in an honest and open manner. We are straightforward and friendly in our approach and always prioritise the customer’s needs. Above all we value the satisfaction of our customers. We deliver nothing less than immaculate quality products and a service that they are 100% satisfied with. We ensure all our supply chain operations abide by strict Icelandic principles to maintain the Icelandic promise worldwide.

Finest quality

Immaculate quality from the purest oceans

Icelandic is focused on supplying the finest, most immaculate quality fish and seafood worldwide. We mirror the pristine purity of our native North Atlantic Ocean in all the seafood we provide.

Our own global quality standards are rigorously implemented in order to make sure our fish and seafood meets and exceeds not only the goals of the group, but also food safety standards within the jurisdiction that each member of the group operates in. From fresh to chilled and frozen seafood products, quality is our priority. All our fresh fish is brought to market quickly and efficiently from ocean to plate. Our frozen fish is only ever frozen once, on board the boat it is caught on.

We pride ourselves on the unrivalled quality and sustainability of our seafood – our chilled, line caught fish is second to none and can be traced throughout the value chain. And when it comes to frozen cod, haddock, shrimp and shellfish, top professional chefs and restaurants worldwide rely on us for the quality that only comes through a partnership with Icelandic.