The purest oceans

Immaculate quality from the purest ocean

We have unique access to top quality, sustainable seafood resources in the North Atlantic and have built strategic partnerships with the area's key seafood harvesters. Icelandic is focused on supplying the finest, most immaculate quality fish and seafood worldwide. We mirror the pristine purity of our native North Atlantic Ocean in all the seafood we provide.

Sharing Icelandic quality with the world

As a nation of fishermen our history is tied to the purity and bounty of the oceans surrounding Iceland. For centuries we have sustained ourselves with the most immaculate quality fish and seafood. As Icelanders, quality like this is a given – we accept nothing less than the freshest, most succulent prime fish and seafood, with unrivalled depth of flavour. It’s what has made Iceland into the strong, proud and healthy nation it is today.

From fresh to chilled and frozen seafood products, quality is our priority. All our fresh fish is brought to market quickly and efficiently from ocean to plate. Our frozen fish is only ever frozen once, on board the boat it is caught on. We pride ourselves on the unrivalled quality and sustainability of our seafood - our chilled, line caught fish is second to none and can be traced throughout the value chain. And when it comes to frozen cod, haddock, shrimp and shellfish, top professional chefs and restaurants worldwide rely on us for the quality that only comes through a partnership with Icelandic.