February 12, 2010

Icelandic Market Day held again

The Icelandic Market Day is a tradition that went into a brief hiatus for the last few years. This year it was resurrected to the joy of the Icelandic Fisheries community. In short the Market Day is a conference where all Icelandic seafood manufactures are invited to get to know Icelandic Group a little better. We share with them our vision and experiences and they share with us their concerns. That way we try to improve our existing partnerships and forge new ones.

Speakers on the Icelandic Market Day were:

  • Ævar Agnarsson, Icelandic USA
  • Elfar Bergþórsson, Fiskval
  • Jón Garðar Helgason, Icelandic Norway
  • Allan Jensen, Icelandic Boulogne Sur Mer
  • Sveinlaugur Kristjánsson, Sjóvík
  • Magni Geirsson, Icelandic UK
  • Malcolm Eley, Seachill
  • Anita Barker, Coldwater
  • Jónas Engilbertsson, Icelandic Japan/Marinus
  • Jonathan Banks,  Business Insight Director, Nielsen Europe

Below are photos from the day