Icelandic brand

A world class brand

“If it’s Icelandic I know that quality is a top priority”

The Icelandic Seafood brand is known throughout the international markets for superior premium quality. An internationally renowned brand. The Icelandic brand name is powerful, and it precedes us. Buying Icelandic is a symbol of quality that is trusted by restaurants and retailers the world over.

“I want to know that my fish and seafood comes from a sustainable environment”

Being named after Iceland, the Icelandic brand name is powerful. Iceland is associated with untouched nature, magnificent landscapes, the vibrant Northern Lights, pristine oceans, fresh fish and healthy lifestyles. Iceland is a fishing nation as well as a trusted nation. Not only does Icelandic capitalize on these positive associations, we have also registered the brand names “Icelandic” and “Icelandic Seafood” in international markets. Icelandic is respected within the fishing industry due to our long history, dedication to quality and global scope.

Corporate logo

The corporate Icelandic logo represents our heritage as a nation of fishermen through its deep blue colour and wave motif. These elements are a clear reference to the North Atlantic Ocean – the source of quality Icelandic fish and seafood. 

The logo acts as a quality stamp within the fishing industry and is trusted by the world’s top restaurants as an indication of immaculate quality.

Communication logo

The Icelandic communication logo builds on our 75 years of experience. The logotype takes its point of departure in the corporate logotype but is freed from the blue box for versatility within design. Furthermore, we incorporate the Icelandic brand symbol depicting the dynamic Icelandic landscape.