Our vision

“To enlighten and inspire restaurants and consumers to make Icelandic the number on choice”

Our mission

“To become the beacon of unrivalled quality”

Sharing Icelandic quality with the world

As a nation of fishermen our history is tied to the purity and bounty of the oceans surrounding Iceland. For centuries we have sustained ourselves with the most immaculate quality fish and seafood. As Icelanders, quality like this is a given – we accept nothing less than the freshest, most succulent prime fish and seafood, with unrivalled depth of flavour. It’s what has made Iceland into the strong, proud and healthy nation it is today.

Now is the time for us to share the Icelandic way of life – our healthy diet – by enlightening and inspiring people around the world to make Icelandic fish and seafood their number one choice.

Revolutionising the seafood industry

When it comes to sharing the best quality Icelandic seafood with the world and becoming the number one choice in the market, quality products are not enough. We are faced with the challenge of changing the perception of fish in the market. Most people see fish as a product which is uninspiring, and traditional when it comes to cooking. Then there are the environmental drawbacks – how can people be sure their fish is from an unpolluted source.

Furthermore how can we compete with the popularity of meat as a preferred protein.