Our brand symbol

Our name

Being named after Iceland, the Icelandic brand name is powerful. Iceland is associated with untouched nature, magnificent landscapes, the vibrant Northern Lights, pristine oceans, fresh fish and healthy lifestyles. Iceland is a fishing nation as well as a trusted nation. Not only does Icelandic capitalize on these positive associations, we have also registered the brand names “Icelandic” and “Icelandic Seafood” in international markets. Icelandic is respected within the fishing industry due to our long history, dedication to quality and global scope.

We are the dynamic Icelandic landscape

Iceland is an active landscape constantly in flux and renowned for its purity. A volcanic island, our nation rose from the pristine Atlantic Ocean creating fertile pastures and some of the world’s most impressive natural wonders. Epic glaciers, active volcanoes, world famous lagoons and waterfalls – Icelanders are never far from the great outdoors – they breathe the purest air, are energized by Arctic winds and are fortified by a natural environment teeming with life.
The brand symbol adds depth to our brand story, and provides us with a decorative element for everything from communication materials to packaging.

Brand symbol usage

The brand symbol can be used in a variety of ways within our design including:

Brand symbol explanation

The brand symbol of the dynamic Icelandic landscape clearly expresses our Icelandic natural heritage. Using a modern graphic of our dynamic landscape references the mountains, volcanoes and glaciers that make up our proud island.

75 years of experience

Icelandic’s 75 years of experience is fittingly represented by mountains that have seen generations of Icelanders pass on their knowledge, skills and immaculate sense of quality.

Championing Iceland

The brand symbol represents the physical landscape of Iceland - where the mountains meet the ocean. It acknowledges our experience within the fishing industry while also telling the story of the many other quality producers from our nation. Our journey may be grounded in fishing, but as our journey continues, we look to the future and the possibilities it brings. Icelandic Brand