The Swedish Freezing Plant

From producing fish to weight lifting to central banking

The Swedish Freezing Plant was the first freezing facility in Iceland specifically built for that purpose. It was placed downtown Reykjavík and when it was finished in 1930 it was the largest building in the country.

For almost 40 years its main role was to produce fish products for international markets. This was truly a very innovative business at the time and the history of this remarkable establishment is closely intertwined with Icelandic Group since the founding in 1942.

In 1968, the last shipment of frozen Icelandic goodies left the doors of the Swedish Freezing Plant and the factory closed down. The house served other niches of the society in the following years, most notably as main headquarters and practice facilities of the Icelandic Powerlifting Federation from 1974–1976. In 1981, the building was finally torn down to make room for the very much debated Central Bank of Iceland.

Seafood, strong men and controversial financial business. The jokers might say those three things could come close to define what it is to be Icelandic. But as we all know that is very far from the truth.

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Icelandic skyr sauce
100 ml skyr
1 tbsp lemon juice
Zest of ¼ lemon

Mix into a bowl the skyr,lemon juice and zest in and season to taste. Add 2 tbsp dill oil to the sauce just before service.

100 ml rapeseed oil
100 gr fresh dill

Put the oil and dill into a blender, mix a few minutes (until warm), strain through a cloth. The result should be a dark green and flavourful oil.

Pickled fennel & pickled pearl onion
100 ml apple vinegar
100 ml water
100 gr caster sugar
½ fennel bulb, thinly sliced
6 pearl onions

Peel the perl onions and blanch for 1 minúte in boiling water, strain and put aside in a small bowl. Slice the fennel as thin as possible and put aside into a small bowl. In a pan mix the vinegar, water and caster sugar and bring to a boil. Divide the liquid into the bowls and leave to rest for at least 30 minutes before serving.

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