Icelandic skyr smoothie with rhubarb, raspberries and Icelandic fish oil

Long Icelandic tradition

Reykjanesviti is the Iceland‘s oldest lighthouse. It‘s located on the southwestern part of the Reykjanes Peninsula and is 31 meters high. This area is known for active volcanism under its surface and large lava fields. Icelanders have a long tradition of starting every day with Icelandic fish oil. It‘s full of fatty acids and Omega-3 and nutritious. Live Icelandic.


Skyr Smoothie with Rhubarb, Raspberries and Icelandic Fish Oil
500 g skyr
120 g rhubarb
500 g raspberries
400 ml apple juice
1 tsp Icelandic Astax Omega fish oil

Place ingredients in blender and mix for about one minute. The high quality Icelandic fish oil increases the nutritional value of this delicious smoothie.
“Icelandic fish oil is sustainably sourced from fish caught wild in our Arctic waters. It’s a nice complement to acidic fruits like those we used today. Serve in a tall glass.

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