Our concept

Sharing Icelandic quality with the world
– Live Icelandic

The concept brings our mission, our history and our values to life through an engaging story. It hereby strengthens our self-understanding and provides us with the creative foundation of our communication.

As a nation of fishermen our history is tied to the purity and bounty of the oceans surrounding Iceland. For centuries we have sustained ourselves with the most immaculate quality fish and seafood. As Icelanders, quality like this is a given – we accept nothing less than the freshest, most succulent prime fish and seafood, with unrivalled depth of flavour. It’s what has made Iceland into the strong, proud and healthy nation it is today.

Now is the time for us to share the Icelandic way of life – our healthy diet – by enlightening and inspiring people around the world to make Icelandic fish and seafood their number one choice. By using our brand name "Icelandic".

The concept line 

“Live Icelandic” is a simple, succinct line that plays upon our Icelandic heritage and the perception of our country of origin within the marketplace. Phonetically it is simple and the alliteration of the “l” in both words reflects the purity of our produce from pristine Icelandic waters. It is an invitation for our customers, partners and consumers to adopt the renowned Icelandic healthy lifestyle.

I am Iceland.
I was one of the last to rise from the ocean, and I’m still evolving.
My mountains are still burning – glaciers shifting, lands still moving.
The mighty Atlantic surrounds me – teaming with life, it sustains my people.
My lands are fertile and pure – the source of unique Northern flavours.
My people have upheld their traditions – passed methods over generations. Enduring knowledge, faultless craftsmanship, unrivalled quality.
They live in balance with my fields and my oceans – They give back what they take and they embrace my landscape – breathe my crisp air – feel the touch of my fresh rainfall.
They know how to live.
They live, Icelandic.