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  • Icelandic Group is a holding company that manages the company’s subsidiaries’ in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Iceland. They all specialise in the production and sale of seafood.

  • Icelandic Group is also the parent company of ITH (Icelandic Trademark Holding), which owns the trademarks ‘Iceland’ and ‘Icelandic Seafood’ and handles all the marketing and services to license holders and other producers in Iceland.

  • In the United States Icelandic Group holds the license, in cooperation with Highliner Foods, to sell products under the trademark ‘Icelandic Seafood’ to the hotels and restaurants market.

  • In Spain, Icelandic has a brand licence agreement with Solo Seafood, owner of Icelandic Iberica which  is one of the largest seller and distributor of lightly salted cod from Iceland, as well as other frozen marine products.   The company sells marine products to more than 4,000 customers in five countries in Southern Europe.

  • Icelandic Group is 100% owned by the Iceland Enterprise Investment Fund (FSÍ). FSÍ is a private equity fund that is owned by 16 pension funds, Landsbankinn and VÍS.

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