Icelandic Group uses global sourcing to service key markets around the world. 

Icelandic Group is an international company with a rich history that spans seventy years in Icelandic Fisheries. It has grown and strengthened throughout the years and is now a network of manufacturers and marketing companies, each operating in own market in Europe and Asia. 


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Location - Iceland

Seafood heavyweights to attend BIM Dublin conference

This year sees the Irish industry at an important stage of development and a number of heavyweight international speakers flying in. Magnus Bjarnason President and CEO of Icelandic Group and Martin Sullivan of Ocean Choice Internationa will speak as part of a session on raw materials .Canadian firm Clearwater Seafoods’ CEO, Ian Smith, will give the keynote address. “The conference’s speaker line-up gives delegates access to business heavyweights operating nationally and internationally at the top of the seafood and agri-food sectors. Their experience as seafood leaders should be of benefit to the Irish industry as it continues to strategically develop the fishery and aquaculture resource,” said Jason Whooley, BIM chief executive.
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Location - Iceland

Increased profits and significant changes in operations at Icelandic Group

Icelandic Group’s profit in 2013 totalled € 16.7 million before capital costs, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA), an increase of roughly € 4.8 million from 2012 when EBITDA profit was almost € 11.9 million. Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) increased by 40% year-on-year to € 6.2 million compared to € 4.5 million in 2012. Profit after tax impairment and financial expense totalled € 2.3 million, compared to €338,000 in 2012. The Company remains in excellent financial position with a strong balance sheet and year-end equity totalling € 130 million.
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Location - UK

The Saucy Fish Co. returns to the Boston Seafood Show

Following the announcement that The Saucy Fish Co. products will be sold in the U.S, the fish and sauce experts are set to exhibit at The International Boston Seafood Show for the third year running – to introduce its latest fuss free fish and sauce combinations to the seafood industry.
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